A Space Pirate or Perhaps a Rogue Trader’s Henchwoman

2015-04-12 009
Hasselfree Andreah sculpted by Kev White

2015-04-12 010I just painted this model for the Random Platypus Forum Hasslefree Paint-A-Long. I converted her to be something like a space pirate or member of a rogue trader’s entourage by the simple addition of a shuriken pistol instead of her generic sci-fi weapon. I used an old metal pistol from a 1990s Striking Scorpion for the simple reason that it is about half the size of the modern plastics, which would have looked over the top on such a slight miniature.

2015-04-12 005

I used a few experimental techniques which I am not entirely satisfied with, but you live and learn.

Colours used are

Coat – GW Chaos Black highlighted with pure white on the edges. I tried to give it a bit of texture by dry-brushing (very) lightly with white but that was only mildly successful. I ended up going over most of it with GW Black Ink to remove much of that effect…

Skin – GW Dwarf Flesh then GW Elf Flesh then keep adding white into the Elf Flesh for highlights in successive layers finishing up with pure white. I also used some flesh glazes (GW Orgryn Flesh) to blend the highlights, re-doing the final white highlights after that. I also used a yellow glaze around the edges of her face to add some colour but also to make her look a bit jaundiced, as if she spends a lot of time out of the sun inside spaceships… I was only mildly successful with that…

Pistol – White with GW Asurmen Blue wash to shade. I should have thinned the wash more and applied it more sparingly as I’m not entirely happy with this.

Sword grip – GW Evil Sunz Scarlet shaded with W&N Vermillion Ink and highlighted with GW Fiery Orange.

Coat lining – Foundry Buff Leather triad A, B, then C.

Hair – White washed with GW Leviathan Purple wash to shade. Also washes of Ogryn Flesh applied in various spots but not all over. In retrospect I would have applied the washes much more sparingly so as to make the hair look white overall rather than purple, but I am not unhappy with it as is.

6 thoughts on “A Space Pirate or Perhaps a Rogue Trader’s Henchwoman

  1. The face is particularly nice Warburton. Female Hasslefree models have such nicely sculpted but fine detail and contours that I sometimes struggle to paint them. Not you it seems, she looks fantastic.

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    • Thanks, Cheetor. 🙂 I spent a long time on the face (it is the focal point after all) so I’m glad it paid off. Getting the face right can cause a paint job to “click” and work, even if other elements aren’t perfect (or even good), in my view.

      I do really like Hasslefree, but coming from a diet of GW heroic scale minis, it was pretty shocking to order them for the first time and see just how small they are…. They are smaller than a lot of other similar manufacturers too, I think. It makes them hard to paint but it can be worth the effort as they are very nice minis. This paint job took me a long time to get right so I know what you mean!


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