5 thoughts on “More Jungle Trees

  1. I love those trees.. your jungle terrain is really inspiring.. the crashed landspeeder is a nice touch..

    your blog has a great oldschool vibe to it .. i loved those space orks ..i had a set as a teenager but never got around to painting them up.. great stuff all around..

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    • Thanks, Neil

      Given the quality of your output that is a real compliment 🙂

      Most of my stuff is old school, I love the Mike McVey “Red Era”, but I like a lot of the modern 40K kits too, so you will see some of that stuff too if you read along regularly.

      My own style, is I think, somewhere between the bright clean McVey style and the darker John Blanche style.

      Thanks for reading, and I hope you come back 😉


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