Mercenary (Rogue Trader Space Marine Scout with shuriken catapult)

Space Marine Scout with Shuirken Catapult 2

I recently painted this Rogue Trader era space marine scout model. I painted him initially as a bodyguard for a noble civilian for a Necromunda setting (that model is almost finished…) or perhaps a mercenary. I imagine he is a rejected Space Marine recruit who decided he would rather have his freedom than have his brain wipedย to become a servitor… and somewhere along the line acquired a rather exotic xenos weapon.

I love the old scout models, but whilst a shuriken catapult might fit in with Rogue Trader, by 2nd edition the fluff is becoming more rigid and xenos weaponry is out – so it doesn’t really fit with my loyal Space Marine forces. For my money, this is the greatest era of the fluff (so I’m not complaining); where things are becoming set, but the background is still fluid (the Horus Heresy largely remains a mystery at this point of the fluff, for example) – whereas Rogue Trader is almost completely foreign to today’s 40K background.

Painting on this was fairly simple and really requires no explanation, but please doย let me know if you have any specific queries.

Any colours used were the same as my Estalians, and the grey is just Codex Grey highlighted with Fortress Grey.

The fur is bestial brown with white added to drybrush on the highlights.

The catapult is white washed with Ogryn Flesh Wash then highlighted back up, and the gems on it are as follows: base GW Scab Red, highlights with GW Blood Red, GW Blazing Orange, GW Dwarf Flesh, and a spot of white for the light reflection.

Space Marine Scout with Shuirken Catapult 1

12 thoughts on “Mercenary (Rogue Trader Space Marine Scout with shuriken catapult)

    • Most of a chapter’s servitors probably result from horrifically injured recruits who have their broken body parts replaced by bionics and their brains replaced with Commodore 64s… But some must just flunk the training. I couldn’t imagine these recruits, who would have been some of the smartest, fittest, most dedicated people in their homeworld to make the cut in the first place, would then be happy to spend the rest of their lives as a chapter serf. Thanks for the feedback!

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  1. Lovely job mate, a classic curio from the early days, nicely done.

    It has just occurred to me that I’ve seen this chap painted a few times now, but never from the back… I didn’t realise he was rocking a pelt! Go scouts!

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  2. Really like this guy, and in some ways the role you’ve now give him fits in better with the sculpt than his original purpose, he looks like a Merc, or soldier of fortune. Agreed the 2nd ed was a golden age of fluff.

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    • Cheers, Mike ๐Ÿ™‚
      It never worked for me to have him as a loyal space marine, given his bionics, the fur, and the firearm; glad you agree! Thanks for the feedback!


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