Mordheim Skaven: Part I (Colour Tests)

Mordheim Oldhammer Skaven 1

Dear Readers, I have not forsaken you. Here I present my latest work. And whilst it has been some time between updates I have not been idle–I have just not been pushing stuff to completion. Well, that is slowly changing!

Here are the first 2 models for a skaven Mordheim warband I have been putting together.

There is a lot more coming on this and I will put more words to it later, but for now just leave you with this morsel to whet your appetite for the feast to come.

I also knocked up a couple of townhouses with, of course, more to come in the full effluxion of time.

Mordheim Oldhammer Skaven 2


28 thoughts on “Mordheim Skaven: Part I (Colour Tests)

  1. These are supercool!!!
    Especially flame-touch, veeery “Blanchy” πŸ™‚

    Love these oldie models, a while back also wanted to build Mordheim band based on 4/5th edition ratmen.
    Definitely hope to see more of these coming from the other side of the pond!


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    • Thanks, Cheetor! I think there will be a bit of Mordheim as we come up to the 20th anniversary of the game. I’m getting a war band together for a local tournament in October so there’s not really all that much time left to finish these off!


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