Mordheim [RtheC] Game 4 Battle Report


Estalian Ambush
J’s Norse wander aimlessly, while the Estalians ambush from the bottom right hoping to concentrate force in the quarter and overwhelm the stronger Norse before the rest can come to the aid of their friends.


Lost in the bog…. Norse Marauders wander aimlessly, right into a trap laid by ambushing Estalians! in this scenario from Empire in Flames.


Estalian Ambush II
The archers set up a field of fire over the battlefield whilst the rest move forward into the marshes below the cliffs.



Roadwarden and Estalians ambush Norse Marauders
The new roadwarden joins the Estalians for the first time.



Estalians charge in
The ambush is well laid and the Estalians are able to charge in on the first turn and quickly overwhelm the unfortunate Norse isolated at that end of the marshes.



The roadwarden forgoes his crossbow and gets stuck in with the hammer.



The daemon beast Belandysh of Tcar
What’s that?! At the far end of the bogs the daemon beast Belandysh of Tcar appears to cause havoc!


The daemon beast was a plot point* of the Norse which occurred on a random happening** in this game. It gave quite a bonus for the Norse to slay the beast, so any help that was coming for the Norse at my end of the table quickly turned the other way to try to slay the daemon instead. P, watching from the sidelines this game took control of the daemon (and his ogre boss stood in for the daemon model), and rolled up its stats at random. I forget exactly what they were but it had toughness 6 and weapon skill 1, so the result made for an amusing if long-winded fight before the daemon was killed. The Norse achieved quite a bonus for slaying the beast achieving a plot point and getting a daemon sword for the Norse leader.


Estalian v Norse melee
The melee heats up–Perez is knocked down and the archers leap from the cliff to help him out. Things look pretty bad for the other two Norse as well….



Norse v the daemon beast Belandysh of Tcar
The Norse pile in to the (very slow) combat against the daemon beast….



Estalians victorious
….giving the Estalians ample time to finish off the Norse at their end of the table.


I am a bit worried at this point as having killed the Norse at my end it means I must now go and face the Norse heroes at the other end of the table, who are all much more powerful than my heroes.

Luckily, the Norse decide they have taken enough casualties, and satisfied with killing the daemon beast, rout off the table.

Overall, I ended up with a win after the Norse routed. Though, the Norse did manage to slay the daemon beast and achieve their plot objective*.

*The campaign uses plot points from Empire in Flames and Mutiny in Marienburg. Each warband must select a plot. The plots give bonuses as you accrue points, but also potentially cost you as you pursue plot objectives instead of outright just trying to win games.

**Each game features random happenings which must be rolled for at the beginning of each player turn. Some are just things like weather effects, and some interact with warband plot points. I forget exactly which book these come from. The campaign overall features about 5 different rule sets which need to be consulted constantly…..




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