Classic Striking Scorpions

Striking Scorpions 01

Some recently finished figures, namely some classic striking scorpions done in a classic 1990s colour scheme, for my slowly growing Alaitoc Warp Hunters army.

Striking Scorpions 02jpg

Striking Scorpions 03

Fairly basic, the colours are as follows:

  1. Green: GW Snot Green, shaded with GW Green Ink and highlighted by adding yellow all the way up to pure GW Flash Gitz Yellow.
  2. Yellow: Flash Gitz Yellow shaded with GW Contrast Iyanden Darksun, highlighted with the base colour adding white up to pure white.
  3. Blue gems and lenses: GW Regal Blue, highlighted with GW Ultramarines Blue then Foundry Deep Blue light 20C, with a dot of pure white.

14 thoughts on “Classic Striking Scorpions

  1. Lovely 2nd edition-ish paintjob — these guys really take me back! Although, upon closer inspection, these are actually painted much better than the Striking Scorpions that were featured in the second edition Codex Imperialis. Excellent work! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Awesome – each panel highlighted, awesome looking gems and eye lenses, and the lack of metal for things like the teeth of the chainsword all add to that classically Eldar look in a really effective way!

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