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The boss. The farseer. This, in my opinion, is the most classic farseer model of them all with his classic pointing finger of doom.

In later editions you could take an autarch to command your army, but in 2nd ed it had to be a farseer. That didn’t quite work for pirate/corsair/exodite armies, but for Craftworld armies I really felt it was and still is highly appropriate; after all it surely represents the army being subordinate to the civilian administration–true of the eldar but not necessarily of other societies in the 41st Millennium.

DSC_3617 (2)
The symbol on the sword sheath is my army’s logo being the symbol of the Alaitoc Warp Hunters, over their signature tiger stripe camo scheme.

This was quite a difficult model to paint, weirdly, and things kept going wrong (the robes had to be re-painted several times and suffered from yet another highly annoying matte varnish disaster which had to be fixed) but in the end we got there.

Colours used:

Yellow: Sunburst Yellow shaded with W&N Orange Ink, highlighted with GW Flash Gitz Yellow adding white up to pure white for the final highlight.

Blue: GW Enchanted Blue shaded with GW contrast Ultramarines Blue then highlighting back up with Enchanted Blue adding white. the contrast paint was used as a glaze to tone down the highlights. This whole process was repeated ad nauseum until I was satisfied, or if not quite satisfied…unable to continue, anyway.

Red: GW Blood Red shaded with GW red Gore, highlighted with GW Blazing Orange and GW Dwarf Flesh (the red robes and the eye lenses used the same colours).

I can’t remember how I did the bone armour as it was left over from this model’s original incarnation as an Ulthwe Farseer, but I think it was Chestnut Ink/gloss varnish mixture directly over a white/black zenithal undercoat then highlighted with Bleached Bone and White.

The blue gems are: GW Regal Blue, highlighted with Enchanted Blue, then Wargames Foundry Deep Blue Light C… and then with a dot of white.

The leather is GW Bestial brown highlighted with GW Snakebite Leather and GW Bleached Bone.

The transfers are from the Harlequins transfer sheet.

20 thoughts on “Farseer

    • Thanks, man! Glad you like it. Iโ€™m planning a whole army in that classic 1990s 2nd ed style of many bright colours! The transfers turned out really well I think. Always happy to โ€œcheatโ€ to get a mini done and I was worries about the script til I remembered I had this transfer sheet and they fit almost perfectly.

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  1. I really like the attention you’ve given to the scabbard. I really like it when people freehand details on the rear of figures. Lovely work on this, and the rest of the army.

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  2. He’s come out amazingly well. Really love the work on the gems and nodes on his amrour. You could (potentially) even gloss that helmet to tie him in with the Dreadought/Wraithlord. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. Very nice work on an amazing model. This is probably my favorite eldar model. It captures some of the weirdness of some of the older artwork from the Eldar codex books. You have created a very warm yellow on his helmet, which fits seamlessly with the red helmet gem.

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