More Alaitoc eldar guardians

Alaitoc bois May 2020 01

A few more eldar.

Alaitoc bois May 2020 02

Not too much to say about them. They use the same palette as the previous ones, though for some unknown reason they came out a bit darker.

This one is another of the awesome proto avengers, some of my favourite miniatures of all time. I added some more Blanchitsu flames to the bottom of the shuriken…why not?

The guardians were fairly straightforward…

…though no doubt the eagle eyed have noticed that this one is a dire avenger with a head swap from the old monopose 1990s plastic guardians. I had more dire avengers than I would ever need, and not enough guardians when I got a bunch of the old plastics in very poor condition–but their heads were usable. 2nd ed was the age of the guardian, shurikens are very powerful in that edition (sustained fire dice, 24″ range, -2 to armour save…very nasty) and dire avengers aren’t really worth the extra points but they’re such cool models I had to include them; but not too many…

Unfortunately these are not the best photos, and took many hours just to get these. My old Nikon D40 is playing up (it won’t operate the shutter in close up shots and this seems to be a fairly common problem from some googling I have done, with no solution available that I have found yet). Perhaps time for a new one….but that will have to wait for a while because cameras seem to shockingly expensive.

21 thoughts on “More Alaitoc eldar guardians

  1. Like the tiger stripes a lot. Angry Eldar! šŸ™‚ You know what would make them perfect? Painting the helmet grills in a color that makes them look like teeth! *RAWR*

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  2. Great work continuing with the eldar. I have a collection of older Eldar models. I really need to start doing something with them. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Good work with the head swap too! I appreciate all of the extra black patterns you painted on. It makes them look much angrier.

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    • Would love to see you work on some eldar. The old models are pretty fun to paint and they suit the classic bright schemes, but also look awesome in more realistic colour schemes too if that is more your thing. I think they are also more realistically proportioned than the later models, even if the posing is a bit wonky due to the limitations of metal casting.


  3. Those look AWESOME!

    Man we have so much in common hobby wise! I am totally into the whole 2nd ed vibe too!

    Very happy to have found your blog.

    Please have a look a my blog if you ever find the time.


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    • Thanks mate šŸ™‚ sorry for the late reply, I have not been keeping up to date with blogging as life has been a bit hard lately šŸ˜‰

      I am now following your blog, lots of reading to catch up, it looks like we have very similar interests! Too bad we are on opposite sides of the world! (I am in Australia.)

      Hopefully I will have some more eldar painted up soon… stay tuned!

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      • Not to worry – I know all about the IRL stuff.

        I have now cleared up my strange (I was linking to, and thinking of, this blog) error on my jungle post.

        And indeed – if only they’d get to the point where teleports became feasible, gaming would be a whole lot easier. Oddly the 40k 2nd army challenge I am hosting has quite a few Aussies among the participants.

        I love the work you are doing here, as it strikes all the chords of my 40k interests. Hope to see you at it again.

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  4. I love your new take on a classic look. I’m going to be painting some of these same models soon as my next project, and you’ve given me a lot of inspiration (i.e. I am going to shamelessly copy your beautiful helmet designs).

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