Guardian heavy weapon team with scatter laser on anti-grav platform

The next few miniatures for my Alaitoc Warp Hunters army, and toward my 2nd ed Army Challenge pledge. This time a guardian heavy weapons team armed with a scatter laser on anti-grav platform.

I tried to go a fairly classic Alaitoc style, but with a more classic woodland/line type camouflage pattern on the scatter laser base rather than the mottled camouflage used by the Studio Alaitoc army.

iphone photo

The colours used were GW Enchanted Blue for the base colour (the same as the guardian armour), with the broad stripes done in GW Alaitoc Blue next, then the final smaller intersecting stripes were done with GW Regal Blue. The scatter laser platform was left in hi-gloss varnish like the eldar dreadnought.

All fairly quick paintjobs, but I am pleased with the final result.

The long coat was painted GW Blood Red, shaded with GW Red Gore and GW Contrast Snakebite Leather, and highlighted with GW Blazing Orange and GW Dwarf Flesh. The bomber jacket was painted with GW Shadow Grey and highlighted by adding white. Otherwise they used the same colours as the other guardians.

These photos (except the close up of the anti-grav platform) were taken with my daughter’s Nikon Coolpix W150, a cheap point-and-shoot camera aimed at children. They turned out ok, and were very easy to achieve – much easier than with my old Nikon D40 (the entry level DSLR from about 15 years ago – sadly no longer working). I am still looking for a long term photographic solution, this camera or my iPhone are reasonable enough for now…at some point I would like to upgrade a Nikon D3500 or similar (the current entry level DSLR, I think) but that won’t be financially possible for a while. The colours are a bit more true to life with the Nikon. Also I think the up-to-date Lo-Fi tech actually gives the pictures that look as if they are scanned from an old White Dwarf….actually unintentionally quite pleasing!

Some comparison photographs taken on the iPhone are below.

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