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I originally started this blog as a personal record of my painting and hobby activity. After returning to an old project after several years I was annoyed that I could not recreate the same paint-scheme and resolved to write down the paint recipes in future. Thus, this blog was born!

My main hobby passions revolve around trying to recreate the armies I wished I could have had when I first got into gaming in the 90s; mainly Warhammer 40K 2nd edition and 5th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle. 

I am also interested in historical miniatures including WWII, Napoleonic, Ancients (Romans and their enemies mostly), and various other things as take my fancy from time to time. 

Otherwise, I am a married father of two young children. I am a professional in a busy and sometimes stressful job. Toy soldiers are an, all too infrequent and short, outlet for me to enjoy some peace with my own thoughts whilst I ponder the mysteries of the universe. I live in Australia. I used to post on various fora as Warburton or Warburton1987 but now, aside from this blog, I am mainly on Twitter and Instagram (links can be found to the right).

Contact me at:  warburton1987 <at> yahoo <dot> com <dot> au

The (short version) of how I got into the hobby is as follows:

My father undertook various forms of modelling when I was a child, mostly things like remote control aeroplanes (which back then had to be hand built from balsa wood and heat-shrink plastic! it seems like a different world…) but we also built scale model kits together–mainly 1/72 Spitfires and Bf-109s and similar.
Some of the hobby shops we went to had a small selection of fantasy miniatures, including Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, and I was always fascinated by them. One day my dad relented and bought me a Warhammer Fantasy Starter Paint Set and a box of plastic Lizardmen Saurus Warriors to paint. Around the same time, a Games Workshop store opened in the shopping mall near my house and I was starting to visit and comb through the sheves and read all the store copies of the books; I guess I was hooked.
This was around the time of 5th ed Warhammer and being a young boy who was into dinosaurs I chose lizardmen first, as already mentioned. Back then I was unable to focus unfortunately though, and I never really had enough money to do a full army anyway, but soon enough I was also painting Space Marines and Orks (from the 2nd ed box set). I remember at school you somehow stumble across people who you thought were normal but you find they secretly are into Warhammer–just like you! This only deepens the addiction… When I went to university things dropped off a bit for a couple of years.
After a while I got back into the hobby, collecting and painting historical miniatures. I also started to paint my old classic GW miniatures again, and buy the ones I couldn’t afford in the past (back when it was affordable to buy classic miniatures on eBay!), and somehow started gaming again with new people who also prefer to keep playing the old versions…2nd ed. 40K, 5th/7th ed. Warhammer Fantasy, Mordheim….

My current (slow burn) projects are:

40K 2nd ed:
-my Alaitoc Eldar Warp Hunters army (I also have eventual plans to do an allied Eldar pirate army with Harlequins and Exodites…)
-old school Blood Angels
-old school Space Orks
-Imperium (Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, and Inquisitors/Assassins, etc)

Other 40K
-Epic 40,000 (not NetEpic or Epic: Armageddon!) and Battlefleet: Gothic
-Badab War – ideally I would like to write my own version of the 40K rules to go along with this project which would be based off 2nd or 3rd ed 40K (or both) and incorporate more realistic rules for combat, including suppressive fire and actual methods for carrying out an assault that may actually work – tying in Epic and BFG scale battles into the campaign would be part of the idea too. This will be years away if it ever happens.


-High Elves and Dark Elves (sort of trying to re-do Tears of Isha campaign from the 1990s)–I would also really love to do a very old school feral Wood Elves army with the older metal figures.

World War II
-Eastern Front in 28mm for Chain of Command – this is some years away from being ready for a game though, I fear. 

This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.
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