Mordheim: RtheC Campaign

EDIT: Unfortunately, a combination of Coronavirus interruptions delaying many campaign games for many months and the fact that I moved away from Adelaide for 2 years meant I never saw the end of this campaign, which is due to finish soon. You can check out the RADHeim Tumblr page for updates, with the finale expected soon (as of time of this edit, September 2021) but sadly I just couldn’t physically take part in the campaign for much of it.

Estalian Armada starting warband
The Estalian Armada – the starting warband

This page will contain a round-up and links to posts containing the exploits of the Estalian Armada in Sartosa, part of the RadHeim crew‘s 2019-2020 pirate themed Mordheim campaign, RtheC.

The setting is Sartosa, immediately following a huge hurricane and tidal wave which has wrecked the coastal cities and washed up all manner of treasure, for those who dare to go looking for it….

There will be battle reports and updates for my warband, as well as finished photos of the models in due course. For WIP photos check my instagram or twitter. They are currently finished to gaming standard but as time permits I will add a few highlights and finishing touches and take proper photographs.

Also check out the Radheim instagram for lots more Mordheim content.


Battle Reports

Battle Report for Game 1 of the Campaign (all in street brawl – 6 players)

Battle Report for Game 2: Estalians v Norse Marauders 

Battle Report for Game 3: Estalians vs Norse Marauders

The Thing in the Woods

Battle Report for Game 4: Estalians vs Norse Marauders

Battle Report for Game 5: Estalians vs Ogres


Warband Status Updates

more to come…..

After Game 5:

Another win meant some good experience for the Captain.

Hugo de Moncada took an enemy ogre youngblood out of action.

The roadwarden, spearwoman, and an archer were all taken out of action.

Unfortunately the roadwarden died of his wounds.

Amazingly, in the explore roll I again found myself at the Wouduin Tollhouse and after paying the toll another roadwarden joins the warband!

I roll up 4,4,4,3,2,1 and find 4 treasures.

I don’t buy anything this round stockpiling for future purchases….

I am now left with the following warband:

after game 5

After Game 4:

Game 4 went quite well. Against Jason’s Norse I managed a win after the Norse abandoned the fight against me to pursue a scenario special objective. I was also outclassed by over 100 points in the warband ratings, so everyone got at least +3 experience points.

Hugo de Moncada took out an enemy henchman for +1XP.

The swordsmen took out an enemy henchman.

The Roadwarden took out an enemy henchman.

Perez de Guzman took an enemy hero out of action.

The archers shoot dead an enemy henchman.

The captain, Alvaro de Bazan, shot dead an enemy henchman with his pistol.


1 sworsdsman was taken out of action, and unfortunately died of his wounds.


I rolled up 6,6,5,4,3,2 on the Mutiny in Marienburg table which resulted in finding a private island. I recovered 2 oars (clubs), 3 helmets, 1 fresh corpse (not really what I was looking for but ok), 20 gold crowns, and a rowing boat.

I also found 4 treasures and one tainted shard.

I sold 3 treasures for 60 gc and after I replaced the dead swordsman and paid 20 gc for the roadwarden I was left with the following warband:

After game 4

After Game 3:

Game 3 went reasonably well for the Estalian Aramda….

The archers took out 1 enemy by shooting.

Miguel, the youngblood took an enemy henchman out of action. (+1 XP)

The spearwoman also took an enemy henchman out of action.

Hugo de Moncada took an enemy hero out of action (+1XP)

Ana chopped up an enemy henchman with her sword (+1 XP)

Hugo took out another henchman! (+1 XP)

Ana then takes out an enemy hero! (+1 XP)

The spearwoman (she really should be upgraded to a hero!) takes out another enemy henchman before the attackers break the cordon and make it off the board.


Unfortunately during all that one of my swordsmen, Carlos, was taken out of action. After the battle he dies from his wounds.


Ana rolls up +1 Attack.

Hugo, Miguel, and Ana all roll up new skill. All 3 choose Step Aside.


I roll up 4,4,4,2,6

I find 4 treasures and also a hired sword to join the warband(?!). I need to clarify exactly how this works (and paint up a model, I guess!) before the next game.




Wouduin Tollhouse
From Mutiny in Marienburg page 107

I sell 3 treasures to gain 60 gold crowns, leaving one treasure in the stockpile.

I pay the toll for Wouduin Tollhouse (11 gold crowns) leaving 51.

I hire another swordsman to replace one of the deaths (45 gold crowns for a swordsman with sword and dagger) leaving 8 (6 plus 2 left over from before) gold crowns in the treasury.

After game 3 the warband is as follows (minus the hired sword):

after game 3
The group experience for the henchman groups is wrong on this photo. Each group has 6 (3 XP each x 2 members of each group). This is corrected on the master copy!

In the end I added a roadwarden to the warband after the organiser clarified you still had to pay upkeep.

After Game 2:

Game 2 was a Street Brawl against Jason’s Norse Marauders. It was unfortunately quite eventful, particularly in terms of the after game side of things….

Perez de Guzman took an enemy henchman out of action, for +1 experience.

Alvaro de Bazan also took an enemy henchman out of action, for +1 experience.

Miguel de Oquendo took an enemy hero out of action, for +1 experience.

The champions Hugo de Moncada and Perez were both taken out of action.

Later a swordsman and Alvaro are taken out of action.

Ana de Silva y Mendoza is taken out of action, and Miguel manages to take another hero out of action!

In the end, the Estalian Armada won the game, so Alvaro gains one extra experience. We also gain 2 campaign points (1 for taking part, one for winning).


The out of action swordsman, Sanchez, died from his wounds.

The Captain, Alvaro, is captured(!) and has to be ransomed back for 2 pieces of treasure (wyrdstone).

Perez is sold to the fighting pits, where he loses. He rejoins the warband but has to have all his equipment re-purchased.

Hugo has a broken leg and suffers -1M permanently.

Ana is fully recovered.

Everyone survived and therefore gained +1 experience for surviving the battle.


On the exploration rolls the warband finds a lance and 3 treasures (making 4 total). 2 treasures are used to ransom the captain, and 2 are sold for 45 gc.


25gc are used to buy back Perez’s equipment and 10 for a sword for Miguel leaving 2 in the treasury.

The archers and swordsmen both roll up +1S.

The spearmen roll up +1 WS.

The Captain rolls up +1T.

Miguel rolls up a new skill, and goes for strike to injure.

After game 2 the warband is as follows:

after game 2

After Game 1:

All members taken out of action survived without injury and therefore everyone gained +1 experience for surviving the battle.

Hugo de Moncada took out 2 enemies for +2 experience. Hugo reaches an advance roll and rolls up 6 for a characteristic increase. He rolls a 6 for +1 Attack.

Ana de Silva y Mendoza took out an enemy for +1 experience. Ana also reaches an advance roll and also rolls 6. Rolling again she gets 2 for +1 Strength.

The swordsmen on the walkways captured an enemy rookie. With that warband retiring there is no one to ransom him to so they sell him to slavers for 15 gold crowns.

Exploring, the warband finds 2 treasures, neither of which are tainted by Chaos.

The warband gets +1 campaign point for playing a scenario.

The warband sells 1 treasure (Wyrdstone) for 30 gold crowns and retains the other.

Gold crowns 27 + 15 + 30 = 72.

They buy 3 sets of light armour and a sword leaving 2 gc in the treasury.

Current list:

after game 1

Starting Warband:

Marienburger list – 600gc to start.

starting roster

RtheC Campaign Plot chosen: Lure of Fortune (from Border Town Burning)