Gyrinx and Other Critters

Gyrinx: psychic space cat and psyker’s familiar. He will be named Trim, after the cat belonging to Matthew Flinders, which seemed appropriate for a space-faring psychic cat and also a nice nod to a piece of Australian history.


Trim, Bombshell Miniatures Cat
Trim, Bombshell Miniatures Cat

I particularly liked this model, from Bombshell miniatures, and I am pleased with how the paint-job came out, though these large photos are quite unforgiving! I may even buy a couple more to paint in more exotic colours, a la Cheetor’s, as linked to above.

Colours used were GW Fiery Orange for the fur, inked with W&N orange ink to shade. The fur was then dry-brushed with Fiery Orange. I then painted stripes on with GW Snakebite Leather before dry-brushing with yellow then white. The muzzle ears, chest, socks, and tail tip were painted white. The nose is GW Tentacle Pink. The eyes were painted white then inked with GW Asurmen Blue wash to give them a blue tinge, yet having that empty look so appropriate for psykers.

2015-03-04 006

More Reaper Iguanas.

Reaper iguanas
Reaper iguanas

Left is based on GW Scorpion Green and the right on GW Snot Green. Both were dry-brushed with yellow then white before having the stripes added and another quick dry-brush of white.

2015-03-04 014

Some dogs.

Celtos King of the Gaels' hunting hound, Brigade Models (L) Rottweiler, Bombshell Miniatures (R)
Celtos King of the Gaels’ hunting hound, Brigade Models (L) Rottweiler, Bombshell Miniatures (R)

Both just painted black then dry-brushed very lightly with white. The brown patches were layered with GW Vermin Fur then GW Leprous Brown, then Leprous Brown with white added.

2015-03-04 019

And, lastly, I pulled the Escher out of the cabinet to paint her base to match these a bit better. I thought to do a comparison shot at the same time, so people have a better idea of how big these models are. (Click for a bigger pic.)

2015-03-04 020

5 thoughts on “Gyrinx and Other Critters

  1. Nice work! They all came out nicely, but the dogs in particular look great.

    That Escher ganger looks brilliant too. Do you have more photos of them? I think that I saw them some time ago somewhere, LAF maybe? I could be wrong. Beautiful painting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I’m pretty happy with the dogs, the drybrushing on the Celtos hound seemed to give it a nice texture as well. The cat looks a bit messy to be honest, which I didn’t quite notice until I blew it up in large photos, so I am tempted to try again with less dry-brushing and more layer painting and see if I can get a better result. Plus I love that model and I’m not sure I’ve done it justice…

      The Escher was actually painted by Steve Dean; I mentioned it a few posts ago with the story. So sadly, I can’t claim credit for that excellent paint job. I do have a bunch more though that I will try to do in a similar style… eventually!

      Thanks again. 🙂


  2. What a nice lot of little creatures there! I agree, the dogs came out particularily well. I’ll have a look at these when I paint up a few old GW hobhounds, whom I imagine have that same rottweiler look.

    Anything will look rough when enlarged as much as that cat was in the first pic. Give her a round of contrasting washes in a few select spots to increase the definition and take a photo less close up and I’m sure you’ll be more than pleased!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Phreedh!

      Definitely the large picture shows up all the roughness. That is both bad and good; as it allows me to see closely what to improve next time! I think putting it next next to Steve Dean’s Escher was perhaps what showed its flows most though! 😉

      Thanks for your comment, and I’m glad you like my work 🙂


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