Chris Dennison’s Dark Angels Army from White Dwarf 223 (1998)


White Dwarf 223 (1998) Back Page - Chris Dennison's Dark Angels - click for a (much) bigger picture
White Dwarf 223 (1998) Back Page – Chris Dennison’s Dark Angels – click for a (much) bigger picture

As is obvious from the title of this blog, my main hobby inspiration is from what I consider to be Game’s Workshop’s golden decade, the 1990s; the time stretching from the closing years of Rogue Trader through to the first couple of years of 3rd edition Warhammer 40,000 (I realise that is far later than what most “Oldhammerers”, if I can put myself, very loosely, into that vague category, consider to be GW’s golden era, but life would be boring if we were all the same).

As such, I may, from time to time, post material from or about that era that I consider to be inspirational. In particular, a project planned for the near(ish) future is some jungle space marines, and this picture has played some part in helping to form my vision for the project. The final reality will no doubt be very different, as the vision changes almost daily(!), but this has certainly been part of it. And, yes, I am a fan of the “Red Era”.

My regular readers (how self indulgent that sounds! and yet how thrilling to think it seems some actually exist!) shouldn’t feel any need to comment on these sort of posts, but I hope some enjoyment and nostalgia will result.

4 thoughts on “Chris Dennison’s Dark Angels Army from White Dwarf 223 (1998)

  1. 🙂 my first army were Blood Angels taken from Angels of Death Codex (2nd edition – good ol’ times:)…and I also had…’unusual allies -the beautiful but deadly Sisters Sororitas’ 🙂 too bad I sold all my minis – especially Sisters.

    posts and photos like this make me very nostalgic…

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    • They were good old times…. I am stuck in those days! 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed seeing this old school picture, and that I’m not the only one who likes this stuff! 😉


  2. An old post of yours, I know (blame the WordPress “you might like” thing, but how funny to see this. I’m working on reviving my own DA army up to being playable in 8th with a great deal of the very same models in this photo, which both tickles me and depresses me – all at once. Damn, I paint slowly…

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    • I too still have about 50 odd metal 2nd ed era space marines some of whom have been waiting for paint for, I guess, 20 years or so now! Lucky I still really like these models (and still play 2nd edition!!) as the Primaris Marines may be the models that have – finally, after all these years – bettered these old classics.

      Not sure about 8th yet. I bought the box set a couple of days ago (the first one I’ve bought since 3rd ed and the first rule book I’ve bought since 5th ed) but haven’t played yet. My gaming buddies and I play 2nd ed but we’re open minded!


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