Battlefleet Gothic WIPs

BFG WIP Imperial ships
Front  – Dauntless Class light cruiser and Cobra Class Destroyer ; Rear – Gothic Class and Dominator Class Cruisers


I painted these up as follows.

Main Hulls

  1. Coated in Cote d’Arms Barbarian Leather (GW Snakebite Leather) mixed randomly with chesnut ink and burnt sienna ink.
  2. Drybrushed with Barbarian Leather mixed with increasing amount of white all the way up pure white


  1. GW Evil Sunz Scarlet shaded with red ink and chesnut ink.
  2. The gold is Barbarian Leather then Shining Gold then highlighted with GW Mithril Silver.Lined with chesnut ink where needed.

The guns were all painted black highlighted with Mithril Silver. Lights and other details were painted Sunburst Yellow highlighted with white.

I will go back and add further details and paint the domes on the bridges and superstructures like gems, but I’m not sure whether red, or smoky grey will be best.

They are an attempt to ape John Blanche’s scheme from the Battlefleet Gothic cover painting which he produced also in miniature form. I think it is passably recognisable, but who can compare to the Great Man, really?

John Blanche Dauntless and Cobra BFG rule book page 63
By John Blanche – from page 63 of the original Battlefleet Gothic rule book.
BFG WIP John Blanche style Cobra Destroyer
Cobra Destoyer – my favourite ship from the game, and so fucking expensive on eBay now!

6 thoughts on “Battlefleet Gothic WIPs

    • Thanks, Suber. 🙂 I haven’t played in ages but BF:G was always my favourite game that GW made, in terms of the gameplay and rules themselves (whereas 40K was always my favourite in terms of painting and collecting).


    • Thanks, Matt! 🙂
      I haven’t played a game in about 10 years, but recently playing Star Wars Armada really made me want to get my BFG stuff out again; for all of its deficiencies, its core rules are way better than Armada (Armada just has way better cosmetic stuff like the maneuver tool and the fire arcs on the bases etc etc).
      Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is, BFG rocks! 😉


  1. Lurverly… I never got to play bf:g back in the day – no-one played it round my way… I may have to remedy that – the models are ace, and you’ve really nailed the look with these beauties!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Alex — it’s a good game but a bit confusing (too many different versions of the rules) (and expensive) to get into cold now. I’m lucky enough that I got enough stuff back in the day (supplemented with a few modest eBay purchases) that it’s worth getting it out again now.
      But, if you do have enthusiasm it is definitely worth the trouble and expense as it is such a cool game!

      Liked by 1 person

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