Some quick photos

Two figures recently finished (but yet to be varnished).

A Citadel Estalian arquebusier (I believe sculpted by Michael Perry) quickly painted as a test figure (I have 9 more primed!) for a planned regiment for my Empire army. I painted him quickly so as to get him in the Lead Adventure Forum Pikes Muskets and Flouncy Shirts Painting Club (entry Number 56).


The paint scheme is based on the scheme Mike McVey used in his diorama created for the release of the Lizardmen in 1995(?). I will post some scans of that when I have  varnished and taken some better photographs of this figure.


I am fairly happy with how he turned out, especially as I painted him so fast (2 evenings – astonishingly fast for me).


Finally some classic 40K returning to this blog (it is always closest to my heart though…): an Imperial psyker. I painted him a while back for a Random Platypus Forum Paint-a-long but to get him in in time I left some details unfinished. However Asslessman recently painted up some absolutely gorgeous examples which inspired me to finish him off.


He represents the Evil Lord Varlak (see White dwarf 187), before his descent into madness and heresy. I will post more of that story when I varnish him and take some better photographs.


Overall I’m fairly happy with him, and tried to follow the classic Eavy Metal scheme reasonably closely – though I felt he should have yellow chamois gloves (all gentlemen should really).


13 thoughts on “Some quick photos

    • Thanks mate – as always when you photograph minis and make the pictures big you notice a few bits that could be tidier, but once he’s in amongst a big regiment I doubt anyone will notice 😉


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  1. Whoa! Two very nicely painted models man. Well done on the eyes. The Psyker is my favourite. I’ve been looking at Empire as Bretonnia is all but gone. Would it be so bad if I combined Bretonnia with Empire? For a nice multi skilled force?

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    • Thanks mate 🙂

      Allies rules in 5th edition are pretty loose so you could easily do it – I’m not sure about later editions though. Having said that the Empire has everything the Bretonnians have – archers and knights basically – so it really just depends if you prefer a Fuedal or a Renaissance look to your figures!

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      • Thanks man. I figured they’re similar but I definitely prefer the Feudal look. I like Empire but I do find them a little poncy haha. I’m thinking I might be able to combine/convert them together though. At least for a large-ish regiment of Militia.

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      • There are some great figures out there now for fuedals; Wargames Foundry has always had a great range of of ex- (1980s) Citadel Barons’ Wars figures, Claymore Castings have a great range of Hundred Years War French (which is what I would use), and the Perrys are steadily expanding their plastic range of HYW figures which you can easily mash up with Foreforge and GW if you are so inclined!! Lots of choice for budding Bretonnian Generals (without even including Games Workshop!!).

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  2. Love those, I like how you push contrasts on colours to make them more vibrant. Really suits the psyker and the pistolier immediately reminded of that diorama you’re talking about !

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