Rogue Trader Assassin

Assassin 1

I recently painted this Rogue Trader assassin model. I tried to paint him fairly closely in line with the classic Mike McVey paint scheme:

Assassin  - WH40K Painting Guide p 79
‘Eavy Metal Warhammer 40,000 Painting Guide, Mike McVey, Games Workshop Ltd, 1994, page 79 (ISBN: 1 872372 70 8)

Whilst my blends aren’t quite up to Mike McVey’s standards, overall I’m fairly pleased with how he came out.

Assassin 2 close

The method used was basically just from a zenithal white over grey undercoat, paint the synth-skin with black ink mixed with GW Chaos Black. Then the whole model was dry-brushed with grey then white, very lightly.

Thereafter the details were picked out and then the synth-skin was covered in Black Ink mixed with Lahmian Medium and water.

After varnishing the synth-skin was covered in gloss varnish which, though it makes it damned hard to photograph him, looks pretty good in real life.


This is a great model, and the current assassin models all draw from it in some way. I think I did it justice, though when viewing these very large photographs there are, as always, many points for improvement noted for the future.

Assassin 5 jungle


17 thoughts on “Rogue Trader Assassin

    • Thanks, mate πŸ™‚ Yep, did the old school base – I painted it Knarloc Green though so it would still give the vibe of the old bases but not be quite so in your face as the Goblin Green ones of old. Cheers for the comment!


  1. That’s one of my favourite old GW sculpts.

    It may feature a few outlandish elements, but compared to the Assassin Clades/Temples that came later this guy is positively reserved.

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    • Thanks, Cheetor.
      It is a great sculpt, and one of my favourites too. It sort of gets forgotten about due to the Temple Assassins being released later, which is a shame, though it is possible to pick this classic one quite cheaply; perhaps because of that. I also think that back in the day he was regarded as a pretty nasty piece of work, though he was to be far superseded by the nastiness of the Temple Assassins (the horror of Callidus Assassins using polymorphine springs to mind…).

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