7th Cavalry Officer


I painted this chap as part of a paint challenge on the Steve Dean Forum. I’m pretty pleased with how he turned out.

The figure is by Artizan Designs and sculpted by Mike Owen. It is a nice figure and was fairly easy to paint.

The method for the coat and trousers was to paint them in their base colour (Foundry French Blue Base for the coat and GW Electric Blue for the jeans) and drybrush them with the base colour with progressively more white added, up to pure white. I then covered them in a wash of dark blue ink mixed with gloss varnish… it seems to have worked out alright. In particular I am pleased with the face and eyes on this figure!

6 thoughts on “7th Cavalry Officer

  1. Very smooth and yeah I don’t normally like eyes on 28nmm figs but yours look great!!!! Always wanted to make some sort of “Red Dead Redemption” type game … Cowboys, Bandits, Indians, Troopers …. maybe one day 🙂

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    • Thanks, mate. I never used to do eyes but I started about a year ago and now I’ve got it worked out I think they look ok though they do make the figures look less realistic and more “painted” if that makes sense. Cheers for the feedback!

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    • I would love to do a Custer’s Last Stand diorama too if time were no issue as I’ll probably never collect armies for this period but it is very interesting… Cheers for the feedback!

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