2000AD Judge Karyn


Most recently off the painting bench is this 2000AD Psi-Judge Karyn made by Foundry. I don’t really know much about Judge Karyn as such, but I painted her as a gift for my wife (hence the blonde, instead of whatever colour hair Karyn may actually have… the official Kevin Dallimore paintjob has it as red).

I’m fairly happy with how she has turned out.


A photo of her side by side with Dredd (painted probably more than 5 years ago) shows just how much brighter and more vibrant my painting style has become.


9 thoughts on “2000AD Judge Karyn

    • Thanks Cheetor, it wasn’t until I put them side by side that I realised the difference in vibrancy. Part of it is white undercoat, partly brighter colour choices and more use of inks to shade instead of relying on layering to shade, and partly I think Dredd’s varnish has yellowed a bit over the years! Either way, the future is clear: life is too short for dull realism as you say!

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