Rogue Trader Space Ork in power armour


This is a Space Ork I started painting quite some time ago, but only got as far as some base coats and ink washes. Some recent Ork posts by Azazel inspired me to finish him off, along with a couple of his mates, who will appear soon.

I painted him in the red of the original RT202 Ork Character Gordal Luggub for no other reason than that I wanted a red ork! I guess he will be some sort of mercenary ork tagging along with the Blood Axes. I already have a Bad Moon version (or is it Vashkor Drool?) of this same model, and it is one of my favourite orks of all time.

I did a pretty quick job, but overall I’m happy for the amount of time spent. It was a quick win in any case, which is sometimes the best way to build motivation to do more. There are a few mistakes though, looking at the large photos, which may need to be touched up at some point. I also regret not painting some black and white checks somewhere!

I also painted the eyes this time, yellow with a red pupil. Last time I painted orks, I wasn’t confident enough to paint them, but obviously I have improved (or at least my confidence has!) and they make a difference.


Paints were as follows:-

50% Goblin Green, 25% white, 25% sunburst yellow, and a dash of Windsor and Newton Apple Green ink to thin. Wash with GW Green Ink to shade the skin then reapply the base colour to all except the deepest portions. Highlight adding yellow and white each layer, the last two layers adding just white. Afterward glaze with W&N Apple Green Ink then reapply any highlights if needed.

Evil Sunz Scarlet. This time for something different GW Dwarf Flesh was used for the highlights, glazed with W&N vermillion ink, then pure white for the final edge highlight. I quite like it.

Bubonic Brown base edge. Sand: Bubonic brown and burnt umber ink. Bleached bone then white drybrushed on for highlights.

19 thoughts on “Rogue Trader Space Ork in power armour

  1. Looking good mate! Much as I love the look of the modern orks there was just so much character in those old models and you’ve really brought that out. The expression on his face is just perfect – he’s thinking hard about something but those thoughts aren’t moving quickly!

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  2. Superb mate – nicely painted with that lovely red armour (goes fasta!!) and bright green flesh. Great choice of mini as well – one of the best SpOrks scuplts ever in my opinion, such a classic!

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  3. Excellent work mate. He looks awesome! I’ve just started (well, primed) his twin-mate myself a few days ago. I’ve got a few more boys of my own to come n the next while, so thanks for the shout-out and I hope you’re able to keep the motivation up on your own boyz which can only help me keep motivation up for mine!

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