Clan Scrutens: Skaven (Mordheim) Expeditionary Force

Mordheim Skaven Clan Scrutens Heroes
Heroes L-R: Skavenslave (youngblood) with club sling and dagger, black skaven with halberd and pistols, assassin adept with weeping blades and pistols, wizard with club and pistols, black skaven with halberd and pistols, skavenslave (youngblood) with club sling and dagger

I earlier featured some test models from this warband, which is now complete.I took it to a tournament in October where I came 2nd in both the gaming and painting. The organisers are a great group of gentlemen who operate a tumblr website where some of the photos will be posted in due course, no doubt.

Anyhow, I present the models–possibly the first fully painted force of any sort I have fielded ever, and in true tournament style finished at 11PM the night before.

I based them on the colour scheme of the jezzailers from the 5th edition army book.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with them and plan to make a few additions in due course.

The tournament ran on the one-off battles rules from the Mordheim rule book with a warband limit of 1250 gold coins.

I tooled up the leaders with all sorts of extra stats and warplock pistols and so on, and ran the henchmen pretty lean.

People were fairly surprised to see bright yellow Skaven. I think they would have been even more surprised if I had chosen one of the truly garish schemes (like lime green and purple)–maybe next time!



20 thoughts on “Clan Scrutens: Skaven (Mordheim) Expeditionary Force

    • Yes, the winner was a chap with a few Golden Demons to his name and had a very nice warband indeed. Thanks, though! The yellow was a pain and when I still had lots to do and the tournament was only a few days away I really was wishing I had picked a colour which only required 1 layer of paint! (I think this took about 4 or 5 layers to build up!)

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    • Thanks mate. I had to some severe shortcuts to get them done in time for the big day but I still think they came out pretty well and you can hardly tell unless you look very closely. The winner had taken no shortcuts at all and well deserved his victory. I was pretty pleased with the result!
      Also, I’m working on posting more! I promise!


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