RtheC Mordheim Sartosa Campaign – Game 1


Sartosa Tourism Commission photograph

A cyclone has smashed Sartosa; buildings are wrecked and inundated by water. Buried treasure has been washed ashore or uncovered by extraordinary tidal action. Unfortunately for the citizens of Sartosa rescue parties do not arrive. Only murderous cutthroats bent on looting and pillaging for their own gain. However these rogues will find they are not the only ones so inclined…and Chaos was perhaps responsible for the storm in the first place–its minions stalk the ruins, foul warp-tainted beasts have risen from the depths of the oceans, and the recently dead walk the earth again though for whose bidding no one yet knows….

Into this maelstrom, Mercenary Captain Alvaro de Bazan leads the Estalian Armada; a vile group of scum and reprobates lured to Sartosa by visions of the gold and treasure they will pillage. With the riches so obtained they intend to corner the import/export market in fine Cathayan silks and make their fortunes. The storm is but a minor hiccup in their plans, and they enter the wrecked city to loot what they can.


The first battle of the campaign took place last weekend. I managed to take a few photos.

Battle 1: Scenario – Street Brawl. Many different groups of pirates arrive in the wrecked city. A fight breaks out. 6 players. Battle lasts until all but one warband have routed.

The battle is shown below. Click on a caption to go through the photo-roll. The captions set out the narrative of the battle (hopefully!).

Overall, I came second. I routed the Cathayan warband fairly easily. The other human warband was pincered between me and the Sartosan vampire warband, and when they routed it was just the Estalians and the undead left – the undead having been the victor on the landward side of the board. Sadly, the Estalians quickly routed though that saved me taking too many casualties. A warband update will follow on the RtheC page.


17 thoughts on “RtheC Mordheim Sartosa Campaign – Game 1

  1. Aww man this is epic. The terrain is fantastic. Love those sunken buildings. Great photos too man. This gets me excited for my own pirate project but NO it’s all about NIDS for the remainder of 2019 at least. Haha

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    • Thanks matey. I’ve had the figures for this warband for at least 7 years so it’s good to finally have the opportunity to use them. I had other plans for this year but when you have a group organising some games, you have to drop your plans and do the models you need for the games at hand. The terrain is epic (it’s not mine, all–or mostly–done by a guy on instagram called @bensquig). We have building up towards this campaign for a few months now so expect to see more!

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  2. Magnificent. Reminiscent of Freebooters’ Fate: a game I liked the one time I tried it and for which I could never be moved to make the special terrain. This is what it’s like when someone makes an effort.

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    • Yes it is fantastic. I can’t say I made the scenery though; that was done by some other very dedicated members of our group! I’m glad you like it anyhow!


  3. Wow, this is a great idea and a wonderful setting to play Mordheim. What could the chaos gods want with Sartosa! The Warhammer world has lots of areas that would be fun to explore.

    The gaming table looks really nice and looks like a fun place to battle!

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    • Thanks Adam, the credit for the ideas must go to my friend Ben (find him under @Bensquig or @Radheim on Instagram). It is great fun so far, and I’m glad you like the table (it’s supposed to be a nod to the old school White Dwarf battle reports!).


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