[Mordheim] RtheC campaign – Game 3

Archers cover the approaches to the breakthrough point. The rest of the Estalians set up an ambush on the left flank. The werewolf would use its speed to run straight down the right hand side and off the board edge, followed by slightly slower humans. Could I break the Norse before anyone else broke through my defences….?

(My) Game 3 is another match against Jason’s Norse Marauders. This time we played Breakthrough with the Norse as attackers.

The Norse set up evenly spread across the board.

I set up on one flank with the goal of ambushing one of small groups of Norse, wiping it out, and forcing a rout check before the unmolested group reached the board edge.

The Norse went all out for the board edge and a game of chasey ensued!

In the end it all came down to one dice roll! If the Norse failed their rout check I would win. If they passed, the second model would get off the table and they would win! Sadly for me, the Norse passed their rout check and 2 models made it off the table and they met their victory conditions. A very close and tense game!

See the latest warband update here in due course.

4 thoughts on “[Mordheim] RtheC campaign – Game 3

    • Thanks! Yes I haven’t played any computer games in the last 10 years but even where they are very similar there are always such different dynamics. Also on the table you’re making use of all your hard work (painting and building terrain etc) so it always feels like a reward!

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