Classic Dire Avengers

Dire Avengers 01

In these dark and uncertain times what is needed is something bright and cheerful. Accordingly, I present my latest work… 3 classic Dire Avengers for my slowly growing Alaitoc Warp Hunters army.

The colours used were largely the same as the earlier Dire Avenger.


Helmet: GW Flash Gitz Yellow, shaded with GW Contrast Iyanden Yellow and highlighted by adding white up to pure white.

Blue: Base coat of GW Regal Blue watered down heavily with GW Guilliman Blue (an old wash, any blue ink would do). Then I used GW Enchanted Blue to base coat the armour plates and added white to highlight. I added the highlights on really garishly, then glazed heavily with blue ink to tone them down before doing a final edge highlight in thinned pure white.

Red gems and lenses: GW Red Gore, highlighted with GW Blood Red, GW Blazing Orange, and GW dwarf Flesh and a spot of white…

Leather: Cote d’Arms Barbarian Leather (Snakebite Leather) shaded with GW Contrast Snakebite Leather then highlighted with GW Bubonic Brown then adding white to further highlight if needed.

16 thoughts on “Classic Dire Avengers

  1. Very nice. I like the classic look and also the freehand on the helmet symbol. I’m also on a basing kick these days, so I wanted to mention that I like your bases.

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    • Thanks, Ann! I wanted the bases to reflect the classic era but be a bit more subdued. They are based around GW Gretchin Green which is a bit duller than the classic Goblin Green. Glad you like them! 😊

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      • Awesome stuff again, and I was literally just thinking about the bases and coming down here to comment on them – by using more earthy tones rather than the “classic” day-glo goblin green they enhance the figures much more, rather than compete with them. A really good, but subtle change.

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