Female Eldar Guardian for Fembruary

Is Alex of Leadballoony running a Fembruary Challenge this year? I don’t know, but out of caution I made sure to finish a female model this month. Once again I went with a female eldar, a guardian this time, part of my slowly growing Alaitoc Warp Hunters army.

EDIT: The Fembruary Challenge did go ahead, the Fourth Annual, and Alex’s round-up can be found HERE.

It is fair to say that 2020 was not a good year for me in terms of the hobby. I did not achieve any of my goals, though I did manage to play a few games of 2nd ed 40K in the second half of the year.

At the moment I seem to be back into the swing of it. I am determined to finish my Alaitoc army this year, and I am trying to get them done at tabletop quality (but still at a minimum acceptable level – which I think this figure just reaches). The simple fact is, I will not achieve any of my projects if I continue to paint at such a slow speed in terms of each individual figure as well as collectively. I have a number of projects I fully intend to finish before I die and it’s time to get on with it. As engineers say, perfection is the enemy of the good, and getting an army finished will be very good indeed.

To that end I entered Dr. The Viking’s second 2nd ed. Army Challenge, which I encourage you to follow along with. The first instalment is HERE, and I will post a link to the instalment including my introduction in due course. The aim is to paint 1,000 points of old school miniatures across 6 months. Fingers crossed, I hope to paint more than that, but even 1,000 points of eldar painted by August would a great achievement.

The photos are not as good as usual; this is because my camera no longer seems to work so I have to use my phone. I think the quality is acceptable so I’m not in a hurry to replace the camera, but it would be nice at some point.

6 thoughts on “Female Eldar Guardian for Fembruary

  1. Nicely done! Just finished my sort-of Fembruary entry myself. Also, hot damn, your work really makes me want to go back and do some metal Dire Avengers sometime. There’s something genuinely charming about Oldhammer models.

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  2. Very nice work here, mate! I guess we’ll find out soon of Alex is running the challenge this year. I haven’t been able to fully keep up on everyone’s blogs recently (ok, for over a year) so I just assumed he was running it – but then couldn’t find any posts announcing it when I had a look the other day…

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    • Thanks mate. And yes I am in the same boat. I really had other stuff going on from pretty much June last year until January 2021! I assumed the same, but either way at least we painted some stuff!

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