Welcome, Dear Reader

Dear Reader, welcome to my humble weblog. I have started this, not with the expectation that anyone will read it, though I am of course grateful to anyone who does, but rather to function as a painting diary and repository of my various musings as I from time to time see fit to put into writing. Photographs and various posts will, hopefully, follow in due course. I personally hope that this blog will allow me track my progress in terms of both painting and photography. I would be most gratified if, in addition to that, people actually read and enjoyed some of the content.

John Blanche, Edge of the Abyss

6 thoughts on “Welcome, Dear Reader

  1. I am a big fan of 2nd edition and boy do I enjoy your content. Your painting and terrain looks awesome!

    I am very much looking forward to your next posts and am following you on my reading list.

    Cheers from Germany

    Marco (23rdValhallan)


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