40K Gothic Ruins

2015.02.08 003

I recently based and painted the 40K Gothic Ruins from the 3rd edition 40K boxed set. I have not done much terrain making before, so they were a bit of an experiment as much as anything else. I always liked the 2nd edition terrain which was described to me once as a “ruined cathedral on a golfing green” so I tried to emulate that look for these ruins. I imagine they are Administratum Buildings or somesuch and are the first pieces of what I hope will become a jungle table, 2nd edition style! I eventually would like to remake the terrain used for the jungle tables in the White Dwarf battle reports from 1993-1998, but that will be a project that will take many years to complete….

They are based on 3mm MDF which I cut with my Dremel and beveled with a stanley knife and sandpaper. They were based with sand coloured texture paint and all of the painting was dry-brushing done with cheap craft paints, except the ink washes to add weathering, which are GW washes.

The flock is Woodland Scenics Golden Harvest static grass.

My Orks insisted on posing with them!2015.02.08 001


2015.02.08 029

2015.02.08 031

And this an Escher ganger painted by Steve Dean with the fallen wall piece (unfortunately there are no in focus photos of that by itself!). I don’t normally buy miniatures painted by others but I put in a low bid on this, and won it! I do think it is useful to study the work of painters you admire and want to emulate to improve your own work, so it was worthwhile for that reason alone. Studying it in real life really is better than looking at photos! I re-based her to match my 40K jungle terrain. She will fit into a planned mercenary force at some point….

2015.02.08 046

5 thoughts on “40K Gothic Ruins

  1. I really like the look of the ruins, they fit the figure style perfectly.

    That Escher is sweet, interesting to see someone do a “Foundry Style” take on it.


    • Thanks, Doctor! I am currently working on another set which shouldn’t take long to complete. I agree they are pretty effective pieces and it is a shame GW don’t make them anymore (though I have enough for my own purposes already).

      My own painting is a sort of mix of Foundry style (I first learned how to paint seriously by reading Kevin Dallimore’s book), Mike McVey style, and my own methods (and errors!) mixed in. So, it was very useful to get this model and study it to see how it was done.


    • Thanks! I’ve tried to paint them with that bright 1990s style, but without slavishly copying the Eavy Metal paintjobs – I think I’ve got the right balance….! 🙂

      2nd is also, obviously, my favourite. 3rd brought in a lot of needed changes, but took a lot of the fun out too. The rest have got less and less interesting to the point I haven’t even got the slightest desire to look at the rules for 6th or 7th edition….

      Thanks for your comment!


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