Scatter Terrain and Reaper Critters

I made this piece of scatter terrain for my 40K table the other day. All of the studio photos from the 2nd edition era featured copious amounts of scatter terrain in the form of oil drums and various boxes (see the banner at the top of the page, for example!), and this is my first homage to the genre. The barrels are GW (from the 3rd edition box set but still available from GW) and the ammo boxes are resin pieces by Victoria Miniatures.

2015-02-18 001

2015-02-18 004

Everything was sprayed black. The barrels were then painted all over with Snakebite Leather then dry-brushed several times with Evil Sunz Scarlet. A dry-brush of Fiery Orange was the final highlight. They were then lightly dry-brushed around the edges with Boltgun Metal. Chestnut Ink and W&N Burnt Sienna ink were used to add streaks of grime and oil. The boxes were painted with Dark Angels Green then dry-brushed successively with Snot Green and Scorpion Green before having the latches and cross bars picked out in Boltgun Metal.

As usual the flock is Woodland Scenics Golden Harvest static grass but I also added some MiniaNatur grass tufts which I randomly bought last time I visited my local model rail shop.

They look good on the tabletop, but all of the imperfections of the quick painting method show up in these large and unforgiving photographs. πŸ™‚

I also painted some critters from the Reaper Familiars Pack IV. They were painted for the Reaper Paint-a-Long on the Random Platypus Forum. (Click for bigger pics.)

2015-02-18 005

2015-02-18 010

I’m interested in people’s thoughts on the bases. They are experimental in terms of which shade of green to paint the rim. All my fantasy stuff when I start painting it later this year will have these bases and I am undecided as to which colour is best. The colours used are all GW. The pug is Dark Angels Green, the squirrel is Snot Green, the Iguana is Knarloc Green, and the weasel is Goblin Green. I probably lean towards Knarloc or Goblin.

I realise a lot of people don’t like GW style green bases: I do.

The method for the bases was as follows:

1. Paint Goblin Green

2. Dry-brush with any yellow (I used GW Golden Yellow)

3. Randomly splash Windsor & Newton Sunshine Yellow ink around the middle of the base.

4. Splash W&N Burnt Sienna Ink around the edge of the base.

5. Once dry, dry-brush bleached bone all over.

6. Dry-brush white lightly concentrating on the edges.

7. Randomly splash the base with W&N yellow ink.

I sort of followed the method here.

Thanks for any comments or opinions πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Scatter Terrain and Reaper Critters

  1. I like those bases, I need to experiment with your ink technique sometime. For the edges I’d go with Knarloc Green, I think it will blend in better with most surroundings since it is more muted. I have used Bestial Brown for many years before switching to Gorthor Brown for that reason.


    • Thanks, Cheetor. πŸ™‚

      I liked the lizard and the squirrel best too, but the most comments on forums have been about the pug and the weasel for some reason…!

      More to come soon in terms of familiars and critters… πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

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