Another Rogue Trader Ork in power armour


Just as the title says, finished off another one of these chaps which had been sitting around part-painted (base-coated only) for a couple of years now.

I painted this one as a Bad Moon in the usual mix of bright colours and desert camo. Once again a quick job with the main goal being to get him finished! As engineers are wont to say, Good enough is perfect.


The colours used are the same as the original Bad Moons. The Blue this time though is GW Enchanted Blue with white added for the highlights.

As ever a few minor slips become apparent when photographs are blown up to large size, however I’m pretty happy overall, especially for such a small time investment.



21 thoughts on “Another Rogue Trader Ork in power armour

  1. Those were always a fun set of orks right there, the early power armor boys. They’re characterful models and you painted him up well. Surprised me with calling him a Bad Moon, though. I would have mistaken him for an Evil Sun, like as not. (Possibly because I painted my own bad moons much more blue and yellow, but used a fair amount of dirty white on the Evil Sunz that’s not too far from your khaki.) Either way, great looking ork.

    And I feel your pain with discovering missteps in enlargements. Done that more than once. 😀 (Gone back and repainted things a few times as a result.)

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    • Thanks! They are some of the best models that Games Workshop ever made in my opinion. This Ork could just as easily have been an evil sun, I probably should have painted the flames black or blue, but they looked so good in the red I just kept going! My army is a mix of Blood Axes and Bad Moons (and others!) anyway, I’m more using the clan affiliations as cool iconography for the army, rather than trying to make my army strictly fit into some archetype. Thanks for the kind comments, Mr Poet 😊


      • You know, that’s probably not a bad way to do it: fielding a mixed army, maybe even mixed squads, and treating the clan affiliations as fluff. Are you using or planning to use some kind of unifying feature? Like maybe the desert motif? That could be really neat indeed! Cool ideas all. 🙂

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      • It was only really from 3rd ed on that whole armies of orks became just one clan. Before that each squad in an army might be from a different clan, especially Looterz were always Deathskulls and so on. So the idea for this army was just to have them made up from whatever I felt like painting, but tied together by the fact that, at least parts of, their uniforms would be in desert camouflage. That’s the idea anyway!

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      • I can’t seem to thread this properly, but my own ork collection is a mish-mash of different clans structured so that I could presumably have several different orks leading it if I so chose. There’s a couple mobs of Goffs (or possibly three, depending on how you count it), one each of Def Skullz, Evil Sunz, Bad Moonz, and Snakebitez, and several of Freebooterz. But it’s all more or less late first edition compliant, so each mob is one clan. And I did not have the foresight to give them a unifying feature lo these twenty years ago. That’s what’s a particularly neat idea here. I love that. Mine are all unified by my style, I suppose, but that’s about all, so they’ll always look a rag-tag bunch. Yours, however, should be pretty flash indeed, looking like they all actually know how to work together.

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      • I just had a look through your blog, some good stuff there – the Orks included! – and I think the rag-tag style does suit the orks… who after all are really a bunch of space pirate/mercenary techno-barbarians fulfilling their perpetual role as the archetypal low-rent not truly evil bad-guys in each and every setting. Anyway, more to come soon, with any luck!


      • In a moment of awesomeness, I found both this guy and the third variant in a pile of Orks needing some stripping. Now they’re both having a swim before joining my other old-school boyz. In a plastic baggie in a tub, awaiting paint.

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