Army Challenge Results – Alaitoc Warp Hunters

I have been a bit neglectful in updating my blog over the last 6 months – so here is a photo dump of all my efforts in the Second 40K 2nd ed Army Challenge.

Overall completed models for the Challenge:

August 2021

July 2021

June 2021

May 2021

April 2021


March 2021

I am very proud of what I achieved here, and will hopefully be taking part in the next Challenge too.

Here is the link to Dr. The Viking’s page with the final results and my final write up, which I reproduce here:


Dear 2nd ed fans,

Thanks for following along – it has been an amazing ride to get the core of my eldar army finished and I’m really proud of the result. It has been my most productive 6 months ever, and the last month has been (probably) my most productive single month ever, so a fitting high to finish on.

It was hard at times to keep up the output and I have to credit the Challenge for helping me to stay motivated and achieve this great result. Last year life and work got in the way and I didn’t end up achieving my hobby goals. This year whenever I was falling behind or losing motivation the Challenge always spurred me on to get my pledge done for the month. It was such a great factor in this achievement.

I also want to pay tribute to the others who took part—everyone has achieved amazing results and should be rightly proud of what they have done.

Of course, I must also thank Dr. The Viking himself, he has put in a huge amount of work to run this challenge and make it all possible. A true hobby legend.

I finished a squad of scouts and a squad of guardians for the final month. Fittingly a few of the guardians are the true old school ones armed with lasguns for a true retro feel.

That takes me to the following point for the last month of the Challenge:

1. 7 eldar scouts   ………………………. …………161 points

2. 7 guardians with shurikens and lasguns……77 points

TOTAL MONTH 6…………………………………….238 points

and overall so far…


MONTH 1. ………….225 points

MONTH 2 ………………0 points

MONTH 3 …………..410 points

MONTH 4 …………..164 points

MONTH 5 …………..152 points

MONTH 6………….238 points

TOTAL SO FAR….1,189 points

Please note, I pledged to paint the core out of my army for the challenge so not every model in the final photo was painted in the last 6 months (the farseer, one of the dreadnoughts, one of the guardian squads, and the striking scorpions were painted beforehand). I am very pleased to have finished the core of the army, and I think it’s the first time I’ve ever had a complete, fully painted army available for games of 40K—amazing.

You will also note I have the non-core support elements off to the side, awaiting the next challenge!!


Final challenge photo:

And where it began:

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