3rd 40K Second Ed. Army Challenge

I am taking part in Dr. The Viking’s third army challenge and I am aiming to finish the bulk of my support options for the eldar Alaitoc Warp Hunters. You can see my starting position at the link.

For month 1 I have painted 2 vyper jetbikes, one of my favorite models. There is a bit of work to finish these off (decals and gems, and a few highlights) but I have finished them to tabletop standard just in time for month 1.

The official post relating to this entry is at the link HERE.

More to come….!

4 thoughts on “3rd 40K Second Ed. Army Challenge

    • Thanks Suber!
      Not sorry for bringing more people around to Alaitoc though 😆
      Happy New Year to you too—good luck for all your hobby projects for this new year!!


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