Game of 2nd ed 40k

Covering fire set up on the rooftops of a shattered Imperial city.

I played a game at last with my eldar army. It was quite an achievement to play a game with a fully painted army—the first time ever in 20+ years of hobby—after painting the army over the last 2 years. I have put a brief battle report on my Twitter page and the thread is linked here:

9 thoughts on “Game of 2nd ed 40k

    • Thanks Piotr, I have to admit I haven’t posted anything on Instagram in a while. There is a great community there but I hate the format—it’s actually terrible for sharing photos, Facebook and Twitter are much better—and it is a major time sink, especially with the new changes to make it more like TikTok 🤮. I can’t see myself using it much in future. I prefer Twitter and, of course,the blog!


      • Yeah, spotted the same thing – copying and adjusting pics from blogger to instagram is just too time consuming. And on blogger – at least I know exactly where I put my things ^^

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      • I think the blog format format is also better as a semi-permanent record of your hobby exploits, which is part of the reason I set up the blog–to track my own progress. The other social media formats are a lot more ephemeral and you can’t easily go back and find a photo or a battle report from some time ago.


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