3rd 2nd ed Painting Challenge – Month 3 – Red Circus – Warp Spiders and Striking Scorpions

For month 3 of the challenge I painted some red models to achieve the “Red Circus” bonus round – what could be more 1990s than bright red after all?

When I first got into the hobby in about 1997 I really fell in love with the classic ‘Eavy Metal Warp Spiders and so it was quite special to finally paint these classic models in the classic scheme. Despite what people say these models have no need to be updated. They are already perfect.

I also enjoyed painting Karandras and 2 more aspect warriors to fill out the squad I painted in 2020. To be honest I’m not nearly as happy with the green on these later ones, but in the end I just had to call it done.

Sorry for the average photos–I’m still using my phone for these and I haven’t got the hang of getting decent results yet. At some stage I will get another digital camera but I haven’t been able to afford to yet.

17 thoughts on “3rd 2nd ed Painting Challenge – Month 3 – Red Circus – Warp Spiders and Striking Scorpions

  1. I don’t think you should apologize at all for the photos – they look just great to me: nice and bright, and I can see all the lovely details of your paintjob. Top notch work on the Spiders!

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  2. Very nostalgic seeing these old-school models painted up like that – just like WD used to make! I really need to follow your lead and at least get a squad of my Eldar painted sometime.

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