[Mordheim] RtheC campaign – Game 2

Games 2 vs Norse Marauders. Fighting the Street Brawl scenario this time to represent the Norse arriving in Sartosa. This time it is the Sartosan highlands, as that is what terrain I have at my place!

The set up:

The Norse are coming down from the hills, whilst the Estalians form up in the valley below.

The captions set out the narrative…click for more!


The end result was a victory for the Estalians. The Norse commander thought about conceding (voluntarily routing) when the brawl in the valley went so badly for him, but having taken my captain out of action he thought I would voluntarily rout the next turn. I rolled the dice and the warband passed its leadership check, and I felt I couldn’t let them down; if they were prepared to stick it out, so would I! The Norse routed the next turn and the Estalians claimed the field, but when it came time to count the casualties I was overheard to remark, “One more such victory will undo me!”

The casulaties. Only one hero (Miguel the youngblood) didn’t get taken out of action! The swordsman died, but the rest lived.

12 thoughts on “[Mordheim] RtheC campaign – Game 2

  1. Lovely battle report! Looks like a rousing game, on a gorgeous table. All this mordheim coverage on several blogs is giving me the itch.

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    • I think the caption system achieves the right balance between presentation and not being so much effort that it’s prohibitive to actually produce. Although WordPress is pretty awful if you want to go back and edit the captions or photo-roll later…but that’s another story.


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