3rd Second Ed Painting Challenge – Month 2 – Wraithguard

For Month 2 of the Challenge I finished 5 classic wraithguard.

Not too much to say, I painted them the same way as the guardians. Except I did add a lot of transfers for the iconography. I think they turned out pretty well, overall.

Here is a link to the official write up on the c0wabunga! site.

Next month, Warp Spiders and Striking Scorpions…

14 thoughts on “3rd Second Ed Painting Challenge – Month 2 – Wraithguard

  1. Yeah – I was forulating my reply in my head before I clicked into this post, and with apologies for echoing Suber almost verbatim:
    Wow! They really do look like something straight out of the 2nd edition rulebook or WD.
    Outstanding! I just spent a minute or two staring hard at the tiger stripes to work out if they were decals I didn’t remember.

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    • Thanks! Yes I think it keeps the heads as the main focal point with the eye then being drawn to the guns and loin cloths so I think it works well as an overall composition, even if I didn’t put that much thought into it until after they were painted! Glad you like them anyway. πŸ™‚


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