Palate cleanser: Jolly Good Chap Drinks Cup of Tea in Zomba c. 1891

Jolly good chap 01

I quickly painted this Wargames Foundry Darkest Africa British Gentleman (from their DA091 Stouthearted Brits pack) as palate cleanser from ‘eavy metal style bright colours. I imagine this chap’s name is something like Sir Reginald Thomas de Pfeffel Taylor-Walker KBE CMG and he is a member of good standing in the Athenæum Club. Continue reading

Mordheim [RtheC] Game 4 Battle Report


Estalian Ambush
J’s Norse wander aimlessly, while the Estalians ambush from the bottom right hoping to concentrate force in the quarter and overwhelm the stronger Norse before the rest can come to the aid of their friends.


Lost in the bog…. Norse Marauders wander aimlessly, right into a trap laid by ambushing Estalians! in this scenario from Empire in Flames. Continue reading